Monday, 26 December 2011

"Dump GoDaddy Day" declared for December 29th

GoDaddy, who supported SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) has received a lot of flak from the web community world over, including big websites like Wikipedia saying they're moving all of their websites away from the domain service. A tweet from Jimmy Wales, the co-founder of Wikipedia tweeted saying GoDaddy's stance on SOPA is unacceptable to the web service. Even though GoDaddy has retracted their position on the matter, they're still facing a lot of criticism. One Reddit user has declared December 29th to be Dump GoDaddy Day.
The daddy's got a lot to be sad about
The daddy's got a lot to be sad about

The user, SelfProdigy, according to Mashable, has received support on his notion of dumping GoDaddy for other domain services. GoDaddy had already lost about 20,000 accounts on the first day of its statement on SOPA. SelfProdigy has also recommended other domain services, including those with discounts based on GoDaddy's PR mess (some aptly entitled NoDaddy).

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