Thursday, 5 July 2012

More Tango Rollouts for Samsung Omnia 7, HTC 7 Pro, and Lumia 800

For those of you who are eagerly awaiting the Tango update for your handset, WMPU is reporting that several models of Windows Phones across different carriers are now receiving the update. The Samsung Omnia 7 on Vodafone Germany is ready for update, as well as the HTC 7 Pro on US Cellular here in the United States. Additionally, owners of the Lumia 800 in India should be happy, as the update is rolling out for that model of phone as well.
There’s still no word on when recent devices here in the United States will receive the update, but we’ll keep you updated if and when AT&T begins rollout for its broad range of Windows Phone devices. Personally I’d love to have flip to silence on my Lumia 900. Just sayin’.