Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Upcoming Sony Ericsson Xperia Phones to Feature Unlockable Bootloaders

If the back and forth struggle with manufacturers to provide device that allow easier development seems like its going nowhere fast, Sony Ericsson’s latest announcement might change that tune slightly. While other companies — Motorola with their XOOM and Samsung with the Nexus S — have taken small steps towards better relations with developers, SE is making the bootloader unlockable (and making custom development for devices much easier) for their entire upcoming line of Xperia devices…sort of.
Not all versions of these Xperia devices (the Play, Arc, Neo, and Pro) will be so open to development. If the phone comes locked to a carrier you won’t have the same access, and Sony Ericsson says there are other factors that may prevent an unlockable bootloader depending on market and phone configuration. It isn’t the perfect situation: you will need to plop down the full unsubsidized prices for a carrier-free versions of the handsets, but it’s a start.

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