Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Facebook Surprise Scam Spreading Through Facebook Messages

 have seen tons of Facebook scams which have been part of my  feed, but for the first time today I came across a new "Facebook Surprise" scam which was sent through a direct message on Facebook.
Facebook Message Scam
With the new Facebook message scam, one or more of your contacts will send you a Facebook message saying "I got u surprise random website". The random website could be any website which thenredirects you to a page which displays a message similar to the screenshot below.
Facebook Surprise Scam
First off, don’t click on the URL in the message, and secondly don’t click on the Get A Surprise Now message since it will not only send all your contacts a message with the link to the surprise, but also download a nice little surprise to your PC, which could contain Malware or Virus. STAY AWAY FROM IT.
As I have always suggested, don’t click on random links on Facebook. It is very hard to resist, but in the end you are not just affecting yourself but also putting all your Facebook friends in danger of passing it along.

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