Thursday, 30 June 2011

Samsung Seeks Import Ban on Apple Products in U.S.

Recently when a decision was announced regarding the infamous Samsung-Apple patent tussle, albeit in Apple’s favor; we thought that one of the most high-profile battles had come to an end. Well! We couldn’t have been more wrong!
...And, there they go again....!S
...And, there they go again....!

Yahoo! News reports that Samsung, the South Korea-based consumer electronics manufacturer has now approached the U.S. International Trade Commission to seek the imposition of a permanent import ban on Apple, thereby preventing the iPad manufacturer from importing Apple products into the U.S. 

If you have been following all the updates on the Samsung-Apple patent tussle, then you’d know that the two technological majors had been, or rather still continue to be at loggerheads owing to a patent infringement issue. Although, according to a court directive, Apple did win, or so it seemed, the case, Samsung’s latest move clearly narrates another story

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