Tuesday, 28 June 2011

New Facebook Scam: Girl Killed Herself After Dad Posted On Wall

Well, welcome to another new  scam. This one is also as enticing as the past few one’s I have written about. But it looks like someone is just taking this scam to a new level altogether, saying that a girl committed suicide after her dad posted on her Facebook wall.
Facebook OMG Dad Killed Daughter Scam
This is not surprising at all, if you have read or seen the revolving images spam or the fake like button scam or the who checked your Facebook profile scam or the Free iPad test scam or the Cashreport Scam.
Spam Girl Killed Herself Facebook App
Once again, the page for this link leads to a Facebook app, which is nothing but an image with some clever comments et al, however, clicking on it will make you like that page and post a comment on your wall as seen above. Don’t click on anything and let your friends know about it too so that they can delete that update and not infect anyone else.
How can you avoid this? No matter how much we tell people to avoid fake warnings and hoaxes, they still manage to surprise us. We wish we could reach out to 500 million users. Just don’t click on links which look "sexy", "enticing" or "sounds really unreal". Many of these scams just take on human curiosity and succeed big time. So stay curious but don’t click on links which look enticing. If you do, you are just spreading the virus further. Remember, everything that glitters is not GOLD.
Facebook is a huge service, but things like these spoil everything. The amount of Scam and spams that get through to Facebook is astonishing. It is high time that Facebook does something about it. I don’t want to see 50% of my friends updates to be scam or spam posts in 2011.

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