Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Apple iOS 5 Vs Google Android 2.4 – Comparison

iOS 5 Vs Android 2.4
How Apple iOS 5 stands against Google Android 2.4:
Apple, with its latest iOS 5, introduced more than 200 features including Twitter integration, Notification bar, Camera options etc.
The notifications system, is no-doubt the center of attraction for the iOS 5 replacing the red icon that used to inform users of updates and new messages. While notifications can be accessed in a popup box with single swipe down on the screen, the iOS 5 also includes weather and stock tickers that will keep you updated with whatever is going on.
One thing we liked about the notifications center is that you will be able to see the sender and first line of the message,email even if your phone is locked.
Another good feature of the iOS 5 is the inclusion of Apple’s new iMessage service which allows users to send unlimited messages to other users with i-Devices. Your iMessage chat can be synced between your i-Devices. This means if you started a chat on your iPhone, you can continue with wherever you left using your iPad. Wow!

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