Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Nokia N9 'Lankku' Makes an Early Appearance

The Nokia Connection Event is underway in Singapore even as you’re reading this. But, even before the brand could roll out its list of announcements, a host of images of the Nokia N9 managed to leak out. Along with the meaty images, what also managed to sneak out was a confirmation that the latest from Nokia will indeed be codenamed ‘Lankku’.

Nokia recently introduced its latest version of smartphones starting with the new Nokia N9. Stephen Elop the CEO of Nokia said that the company will ship its first Windows phones by next year. Nokia had announced way back in February, that the new Windows phone, unlike the Meego or Symbian platform would be the main strategy for the company moving forward. Nokia’s N9 smartphone is a touch screen smartphone based on Meego i.e., a mobile version of Linux which had once been Nokia’s product of the future.Nokia claims that this smartphone with its curved screen has been designed specifically so that the user can use it with one hand. Another feature which was added was the user would be capable of running applications, and browse between the notification windows. 

This phone also comes with 16/64GB storage, as well as 1GB of RAM. Push mail, MMS are also some of the features in this smartphone. The N9 like most phones comes with a standard Li-Lon battery that Nokia claims will support up to 7 hours of talk time. The Nokia N9 has a separate operating system as compared to its previous smartphones and is capable of running QT applications, as well, which is commonly found on most handsets.

The N9 will have with a high-definition video camera and an 8-megapixel still camera. The phone's body is machined out of a single piece of polycarbonate; a material that the company says offers the best antenna. The CEO of Nokia stated that the details of the product along with the price will be stated sometime later this year

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