Saturday, 26 November 2011

Four Costliest Mobile Apps

Are you familiar with the most expensive mobile apps that are available on Android and iOS platforms? If not, then just have a look!
Mobile Navigator: This mobile app from NAVIGON costs about Rs. 5,700 and uses the handset’s GPS to guide the user to his destination. It provides maps, traffic information and text to speech so as to enable users to navigate through traffic with minimum fuss.
Medicine Central: This app from Unbound Medicine includes Pocket Guide to Diagnostic Tests, MEDLINE Journals, A to Z Drug Facts, 5-Minute Clinical Consult, and Drug Interaction Facts and costs about Rs. 7,200.
Emergency Central: This app covers emergency medicines and contains information on drugs, diseases and diagnostic tests. It costs about Rs. 6,700.
Safecell: Meant for those who own a private airplane, Safecell is created by ASiQ Limited based in Australia and costs about Rs. 5,60,000. It uses the Bluetooth connection of the airplane which in turn is connected to a satellite. The phones on board the airplane, connected together through Safecell, works as if they are in an area where there is mobile network coverage.

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