Saturday, 26 November 2011

MTM Audi A7 & Project Kahn Audi Q7

Audi’s modified masterpieces
The year in motoring has begun well for Audi fans, with two of the German manufacturer’s most popular models receiving respectable, tasteful upgrades. Project Kahn and MTM have caused outrage in the past with their modifications to Audis but their overhauls of the Audi A7 Sportback and the Audi Q7 SUV have received a warmer reception from the industry.
Drivers wishing to try the upgraded models might struggle to find cheap temporary car insurance but you can have a read of what to expect from the upgrades right here.

MTM Audi A7
Motoren Technik Mayer, or MTM as petrolheads will know the German company, has produced the first upgrade program for the Audi A7 3.0 TDI and, though it includes a hike in the Sportback’s horsepower, the modification is a rather understated, tasteful one.
The company focussed on making the A7 more driver-focused. A statement on MTM’s website reads: “Our performance and modifications options for the sports executive create an inspiring package, highlighting its sporty character, increasing power output and improving overall vehicle handling. Our aim is to extend the emotional appeal of the A7 and create a vehicle as individual as you are.”
MTM has revised the A7’s engine electronics, enabling it to produce 285 horsepower, rather than its standard 244 HP. MTM promises that durability of the engine has not been adversely affected by the modification.
A set of new Bimoto nine-spoke design alloy wheels adorn the MTM version of the A7 and MTM will soon be further enhancing the dynamic look of the Sportback with an electronic lowering module.
New diffuser with a four-tailpipe exhaust system has been added, along with MTM wheel spacers and buyers will soon be able to have an F-Cantronic air suspension module included in their modified A7.
While all prospective buyers of the modified A7 will need to be wary of the cost of car insurance UK drivers are urged to pay particular attention to car insurance group list details to be sure of the grouping the modified A7 will fall into.
Kahn Audi Q7
Project Kahn promise “finest quality, to the last detail” with their designs and their upgrades of the Audi Q7 are proudly splashed across their marketing materials for 2011.
First to fall at the hands of Kahn was the Q7’s signature black paint job, updated to a soft white and complemented by a quilted black and red leather interior with red and cream dials.
The aerodynamic styling package from Kahn includes new front wings with vents, exhaust trims and integrated LED daytime running lights.
There are certain features of the Kahn makeover that will appeal to drivers who want to make their Q7 stand out from the crowd, such as 22” Kahn RS-X alloy wheel trims and Kahn aluminium pedals.
With the full Project Kahn Audi Q7 ‘Wide-Track’ package costing £56,875, it will be worth prospective buyers researching car insurance online before taking the plunge. Many lovers of Project Kahn’s makeover skills will doubtless be undeterred by the cost of insurance their spruced up SUV.

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