Sunday, 27 November 2011

Why the RIM outage has proved us fickle

So RIM screwed up. Who doesn’t? 3 days of downtime and the whole world is up in arms against the Canadian company. Reams have been written on the ‘anguish’ caused by the outage. People are still mourning the problems they faced when their BlackBerry refused to do what it could do best, making them look cool being one of them. Come on people get over it. So you couldn’t use BBM, you couldn’t send mails. Big deal. Use FB chat or Gmail chat like regular people and use a PC to send mails. It wasn’t like the company shut down and locked you out of your own phonebooks! You’re supposed to be the “BlackBerry boys”. I guess the least you could do was show a little loyalty towards the brand, the company that gave you endless hours of communicating with your pals and in some cases earned you big bucks. We didn’t see you raving about how convenient BBM was or how much money you earned because you had a BlackBerry when it functioned just fine.
What's behind the big bad RIM outage
Doesn't incompetence at the state-level deserve equal outrage?

Sure there are a few BlackBerry users, just a handful, who’re still feeling loyal while the rest are at some level contemplating a shift - ‘unreliability’ being cited as one of the reasons. So one day you’re proudly posting your BB pin on every social networking site possible and the next day... “BB’s faltu”. We as the paying population demand absolute excellence, absolute perfection.

As far as BB users go this is the only time your devices have failed you and now you would like to overthrow RIM from the highest rungs they sit on and choose another phone to put up there. Now if only we demanded this kind of precision from our governments... what a wonderful place our world would be. One slip up and it’s our foot up their behinds. We’d have politicians quaking in their boots and only the very accomplished, very able contenders would get elected to office to do something as important as run a country and secure our future instead of using our treasury as their personal piggy banks. Because the fear of the kick in the pants would weed out the lesser mortals.

If we demand quality, value for our money from a phone manufacturer sitting on the other side of the world I think we ought to look closer home to where absolute disorder is the order of things. We deserve to get our taxes’ worth, our money’s worth, to live comfortably in a country that conglomerates are dying for a piece of action of. So I say, our need to be connected obsessively notwithstanding, we just need to redirect our indignation over incompetence to things closer to home and hopefully unleash the intolerant beast within

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