Friday, 25 November 2011

LG Launches World First Full HD 3D Projector

LG has introduced the LG CF3D projector in India, what they claim is the world first Full HD 3D Cinema projector.  The LG CF3D is capable of displaying 1920x1080 images and is based on SXRD (LCoS) technology.
A press release explains that the projector 3Dsystem uses two projectors combined with only one lens, so you don?t have to ?tickle? anything and there is no need to align it separately. The CF3D is also claimed to employ the same 3D polarized-light technology which is used in movie theatres.The CF3D has two engines build into one unit thereby reducing the space and size required to provide 3D content from one projector. Thanks to the LCOS system, this projector?s two images are polarized within the unit and projected simultaneously ensuring maximum brightness. The CF3D projector addresses ghosting with improved and more rapid polarization, so the image is converted into a single 3D image before its transmitted.
The press release explains that on a projection that has 0.61?LCoS, the CF3D has a brightness rating of a full 2500 ANSI-lumens and a 30000:1 contrast ratio along with TruMotion 120Hz technology.The LG CF3D comes with a built-in camera with auto calibration function which automatically adjusts the brightness levels of both images to maximize 3D effects. It also comes with multiple connectivity options for Blu-Ray players, Games Console, Digital set-top boxes and PCs.
About LG Electronics
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