Sunday, 27 November 2011

Windows XP turns 10, loses global usage to Windows 7

Windows XP has been around for a decade and unscathed by successors (read Vista). Launched in 2001, it was widely accepted even after 2006 when Vista stepped in. However, this has been changed according to the latest figures by StatCounter which reveal that desktop PCs across the globe employing Windows 7 now surpass Windows XP.
Windows 7 surpasses WinXP
Windows 7 surpasses WinXP

Outdone by its two-year old sibling, Windows XP should be ringing in its 10th birthday on a low note. The stats disclose about 40.21% desktop PCs now run Windows 7 followed by Windows XP at 38.64%. PCs running the Windows Vista account for about 11.22% while Mac stays low at 7.2%. Linux-based PCs are well below 1% while other OSes form the remaining 1.85%.

Windows 7 was launched in 2009, and ever since has seen a slow yet steady rise in the number of users. On the other hand, Windows XP PCs have been gradually declining from 74.85% to now 38.64%. In August this year, a report by Gartner suggested that about 42% PCs worldwide will be running on the Windows 7 operating system as 94% newer PCs are to be shipped with the OS. Well, Windows 7 could soon catch up to that figure as well.

With Windows 8 slated for a release sometime next year, it would be interesting to see how quickly these figures could change

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