Thursday, 24 November 2011

Batman: Arkham City (PC) has a ton of problems

Well! this is rather disappointing. After being delayed numerous times, the PC version of Batman: Arkham City that hit stores all across America yesterday has turned out to be broken. Ok so broken may be a strong word, but after a quick trip to the Steam as well as the Arkham City forums, you’ll see tons of posts illustrating Rocksteady’s failure at creating a solid PC port. This obviously is a huge letdown from Arkham Asylum that performed very well on PCs.
Y U No like PC gamers Rocksteady?
Y U No like PC gamers Rocksteady?

Perhaps the game’s biggest fault is that DirectX 11 support, its much touted feature completely decimates performance even on powerful rigs that can run games like Battlefield 3 with ease. Besides that, there have been tons of framerate, stuttering and lip-synching issues that have disappointed PC gamers, who’ve been waiting for this game since a month.

The problem is so widespread, Rocksteady themselves have acknowledged the issue and are frantically working on a patch to fix stuff, but obviously the damage has been done. We suggest you hold off on your purchase till this game gets fixed. Batman: Arkham City release for the PC in India tomorrow.

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