Thursday, 24 November 2011

Samsung Galaxy S II ad pokes fun at Apple devotees

You know the drill, at the launch day of any new Apple device, there’s always a humongous line outside Apple stores, where devout Apple users camp for days together, just to get a slice of, well, the Apple. Samsung and Apple aren’t the best of buds, right now and this clearly shows in their new ad. The commercial is for the Samsung Galaxy S II, which mocks the ‘line-waiters’ outside an Apple store.
Mines bigger!
Mines bigger!

The commercial is said to begin airing on Thanksgiving, according to Mashable and starts off with a bunch of people standing in a queue, all wearing white ear phones. One of the line-waiters says,“Guys, I'm so amped I could stay for three weeks”, while another woman is seen tweeting (mostly)“9 hours down and we're almost in the door”. Clearly they are supposedly waiting for the iPhone 4S, until they spot a couple of people using an S II and ‘realize’ how under-equipped what they’re about to purchase really is. Check out the full commercial below: 


Apple and Samsung have been caught up in more than 20 lawsuits across more than 10 countries, with Samsung having won the right to a hearing against Apple, which is scheduled to take place in March, next year in Australia. Apple has, in fact managed to get injunctions against Samsung regarding the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany and Australia, but Samsung is remedying that by making a few changes to the tablet and plans to re-launch it in Germany.

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