Wednesday, 28 December 2011

2012 roadmap for Windows Phone leaked

With rumored iPad 3, iPhone 5 and Jelly Bean set to make appearances next year, Microsoft has planned its way into the strategic mobile arena. WMPoweruser reveals the Microsoft’s roadmap for Windows Phone in 2012. Microsoft is likely to announced the Tango Update at the CES 2012 in January and the Apollo (or Windows 8 as its popularly known as) is expected follow later. It was earlier said to be announced at the Nokia Connection, mid of the year and now the roadmap shows an expected release in Q4 2012, while the Tango will release in Q2 2012.
Leaked roadmap
Leaked roadmap (Image Credit: WMPoweruser)

Reportedly, the Tango will focus on Windows Phone 7 running on low-end devices. The Tango update is believed to bring in LTE support and compatibility with small screens. The Apollo release in Q4 will support high-end smartphones, speculated to come with HD screens and quad core processors and also focus on business needs.

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