Friday, 30 December 2011

Sharkoon launches USB 3.0 expansion bays

Many of the new motherboards come with USB 3.0 headers, but all of them ship with the necessary expansion bays. Sharkoon, the case and accessory specialist presents three front panel USB 3.0 bays with SuperSpeed connections, which can be comfortably accessible to the front of the PC from the mainboard. Prices are as follows:
The front panel expansion bay
The front panel expansion bay

  • Sharkoon USB3.0 Front Panel A (2 x USB3.0 A) - €14.99 (Rs.1,034)
  • Sharkoon USB3.0 Front Panel B (1 x 19Pin) - €14.99 (Rs.1,034)
  • Sharkoon USB3.0 Front Panel C (2 X 19Pin) - €17.99 (Rs.1,242)
  • Sharkoon Internal USB3.0 Adapter - €5.99 (Rs.414)

The series embraces models for the mainboard, which provides USB3.0 externally, exclusively on the PC backside, and also for newer mainboards, equipped internally with one or two USB3.0 pin headers. The panel provides two USB3.0 ports, which are led out from the USB3.0 Type A Jack to the rear of the case and connected with two external SuperSpeed interfaces. Also, new to the Sharkoon product line; an internal USB3.0 adapter for users who already have a case containing front USB3.0 as well as a mainboard with a 19-pin USB3.0 header. The converter transforms the 19-pin connector into two USB3.0 Type A connectors, so that the Type A front panel cable can be connected from the outside, directly to the mainboard without being detoured.

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