Saturday, 24 December 2011

Govt. norms to keep radiation from mobiles in check

India is currently home to millions of mobile subscribers. While this may seem to be a significant milestone to most, it is also an indicator of the fact that millions of us lie exposed to harmful radiation emitted by mobile phones. Numerous reports have been proof enough to convince us that total dependence on them can be fatal, to say the least. The government, however, has been constantly working out ways to ensure that radiation levels emitted by mobile phones remain under check, at all times. Times of India confirms that the government is close to enforcing a set of norms, which should meet the purpose.
Keeping radiation at bay
Keeping radiation at bay (Image source: Getty Images)

Hands-free, till now may have been just another accessory bundled up with a mobile phone, but soon, they will be mandatory with all mobile phones. Reason? Using hands-free, as opposed to answering calls the usual way is as an effective method of steering clear of radiation emissions. That or, switching over to SMSes as your mode of communication, altogether is preferable, too, since this way one can evade radiation.

However, keeping safety tips aside, the government also plans to tighten the noose around norms, which specify the levels of radiation in every handset. Reportedly, the SAR levels (Specific Absorption Rate), i.e. the rate at which a normal human body absorbs radio frequency (RF), is currently at 2 watts/kg in India. Now, the government aims to crunch this number down further to 1.6 watts/kg average over a six minute period. These levels are decided on in compliance with the norms of the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection Association (ICNIRP).

Importantly, featuring SAR levels on every mobile handset will soon become mandatory. This calls in for an amendment to the Indian Telegraph Act, 1885. The report further states, "The SAR value information of the mobile handset should be available on the manufacturer's website and in the handset manual. The information on SAR values shall also be made available to mobile subscribers at the handset point of sale."

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