Monday, 26 December 2011

Press shot of Nokia Lumia 900 surface, front-facing camera onboard

The hype surrounding the Nokia Lumia 800 is still running strong, across the globe, especially after artists were seen performing at Nokia’s The Amazing Everyday campaign. More recently, we saw Nokia bring back the classic Snake game via an app through their Facebook page. Dust has not yet settled over the launch of the Lumia 800, an image has of Nokia’s next flagship handset, the Lumia 900.
Lumia 900 to come in a range of colours
Lumia 900 to come in a range of colours

Around mid-November, a video was posted previewing an upcoming handset from Nokia, but the video was soon taken down. The handset maybe the upcoming Lumia 900, which is supposedly the Finnish brand’s next big offering. Earlier this month, in the stats of the TOI app, the handset was spotted again. According to a report by My Nokia Blog, a press image has surfaced of a handset that looks almost identical to the Lumia 800. This well could be the Lumia 900 as opposed to the Lumia 800; it features a front-facing camera and a larger display. The Lumia 800 had its buttons a bit higher as compared to this handset in the picture.

As of now, nothing is certain regarding the specifications of the Lumia 900 other than, it has a front-facing camera and will come in a variety of colours. It appears that Nokia is going all out with their new line of handsets and are definitely seeking to take back their throne as a top mobile manufacturer, which they possessed for the longest period of time.

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