Thursday, 22 December 2011

Firefox 9 pounces on the Android platform

Mozilla continues to release one Firefox release after another. While the rapid release cycle means there are quick, small updates to the browser, Mozilla still has their hands full as they continue to develop the browser for the other platforms. And one of the most important platforms being talked about these days is Android. You can now download the Firefox browser for your Android phone or tablet from the market. There is a blog post by Mozilla explaining some of its unique features. Some of the new features of Firefox 9 include the ability for HTML5 to now use the camera on an Android phone or tablet, without having to quit the browser window. There’s also support for Firefox add-ons designed specifically for Android devices.


There are changes made to the user interface that allow better use of workspace under the portrait mode. There are also easily accessible buttons for some of the features such as the Preferences, Add-ons, Downloads, etc. Switching between tabs is also a bit more intuitive as thumbnails are displayed on the left side of the screen and this bar can be hidden by simply swiping your finger to the left. There’s a desktop browsers war waging and there seems to be one slowly starting on the mobile front as well. Opera Mini has been very popular on the mobile phones platform and with Firefox picking up pace, things are only going to heat up further.

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