Wednesday, 28 December 2011

BlackBerry PlayBook prices slashed by 50%, till December 31

If you were itching to pick up RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook at a bargain, you have till Saturday the 31st to enjoy the new slashed prices. Now selling for half its original pricing of Rs. 27,990, the 16GB PlayBook will retail for Rs. 13,490 during the limited period offer.

The 32GB and 64GB models of the PlayBook have received their share of dramatic price cuts as well are, at Rs. 15,990 and Rs. 24,490, respectively, compared to their original Rs. 32,990 and Rs. 37,990 pricing.
While the BlackBerry PlayBook was not exceptionally well-received in globally, no-one denied its capabilities in some spheres, including the hardware. Consumers could always load the Android operating system of their choice on the device. However, even with that incentive (albeit effort-laden) and the reduced price – the PlayBook does not still become too appetizing a bargain.

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