Thursday, 22 December 2011

Amazon Kindle Fire gets software update

Amazon’s Kindle Fire was said to be the best selling device for this holiday season. As reported earlier about an upcoming update for the device, Amazon has now released a software update 6.2.1 for its Kindle Fire, that will take care of certain issues, like sluggish touch response and no parental controls, reports ComputerWorld. The software update is in response to some vocal complaints, especially parental control options demanded by some parents. Some other changes, include enabling users to select which items appear on the device’s carousel and password-lock for Wi-Fi
Being put in stores
Being put in stores

Amazon also needs to address some hardware issues like lack of an external volume controls and the location of the On/Off button. Reportedly, the version 6.2.1. update will be offered to Fire tablets through Wi-Fi. This is the second update that the Fire has received and users can initiate it through Quick Settings icon followed by sync.

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