Sunday, 25 December 2011

Motorola DEFY gets CM9 port (ICS upgrade)

An experimental build for the Motorola DEFY is out on the XDA developer’s forum. This build allows users to upgrade their Motorola DEFY to some Ice Cream Sandwich goodness. It’s an experimental build, so naturally there are bugs and fixes and parts of the phone that aren’t fully functional, but the good part is that at least the port has been made. So, there are high chances that we’ll get to see a fully working build version.
Android 4.0 on Defy
Android 4.0 on Defy

Users wanting to upgrade their Motorola DEFY can check out at the XDA Developer’s site. It’s a bit of a complicated process and there seem to be some problems with the camera and a buggy launcher, but the other things like the touchscreen, audio, phone data, sensors, Wi-Fi and 2D/3D acceleration are working. ICS support is available on the DEFY+ (Model number MB526) as well. 

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