Friday, 30 December 2011

Unlock your iPhone with your face

Currently, if you have a passcode for your iPhone, it's the one where you have to unlock it by typing in a code. However, according to ReadWriteWeb, Apple now wants to simplify your life and have you unlock your iPhones with your face. While the feature is already available on jailbroken phones, Apple has filed a patent to make it available on every iPhone. The way the feature would work is pretty self explanatory. You pick up your locked iPhone, place it a few inches away from your face (with the front camera viewing your face, of course) and once approved, your iPhone is unlocked.
Just after being unlocked with face
Just after being unlocked with face

This feature is already available on Android phones with Ice Cream Sandwich with Face Unlock as well as Nokia phones running Symbian 3 and higher. However, as noted in the case of Android phones, the feature is not entirely secure, because it can unlock phones using photos of the "password face". However, Apple is reportedly working on the technology to combat this issue. The feature would use a  two-dimensional analysis of the way facial features are placed. It would also check skin tone and cross-check those details against "target images" that were previously captured by the device.

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