Sunday, 25 December 2011

Samsung omits Galaxy S and Tab from ICS upgrade plans

Samsung recently announced their plans for releasing Ice Cream Sandwich on their pre-existing handsets. Phones like Galaxy S II and the Galaxy Note are all set to receive the latest Android OS. However, a rather surprising omission from the upgrade announcement was that of the Samsung Galaxy S. Ever since this smartphone was launched, it has been very successful, globally, but according to a report by The Verge, Samsung has no plans to update it to Android 4.0.
Official launch on the 18th of October
Worthy contenders loses out on ICS

According to Samsung, the reason for not updating the handset is that the device runs on an insufficient RAM and ROM. This renders it inadequate to be able to run alongside Samsung’s TouchWiz UI that is baked into the handset. Google have already started seeding the Nexus S with Ice Cream Sandwich with OTA updates. The question arises as to why the Galaxy S gets omitted from this update, even though the specifications for both the handsets are almost identical. Samsung has responded by stating that with the Nexus S, the handset runs solely on Android without the addition of Samsung’s TouchWiz UI. Hence, the handset would probably not be able to cope with the implementation of ICS, along with TouchWiz.

In a related report by a blog run by Samsung, the brand states that the 7-inch Galaxy Tab, too will not be upgraded to Android 4.0. The exclusion of Ice Cream Sandwich on these devices is sure to irk users of this smartphone and tablet. But, we are sure that there would be some third party developers able to port the OS on these handsets in due time. Do let us know your reactions about Samsung not updating the smartphone and tablet in the comments section below.

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