Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Intel's Medfield SoC gets benchmarked, impresses in performance for now

Intel has decided to step into the smartphone market with their new Medfield chipset. The new SoC is already is having its first run down in the synthetic benchmarks and it’s taking on the biggies – Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, Samsung and NVIDIA. According to VR-zone, the benchmarks of the Medfield chipset are out in a leaked report. In the Caffeinemark 3 Java benchmark Medfield 16.GHz notched up 10,500 points, as compared to 8000 by Qualcomm Snapdragon, and 7500 by Tegra 2. Samsung’s Exynos chipset had a scoring of 8500. Naturally, these are older chipsets, and the new Tegra 3 will be more of a competitor to the Medfield chipset. 
Show me the power!
Show me the power!

In the power section, however, the Medfield chipset has to catch up as it showed consumption of 2.6W in idle, as compare to Tegra 3 that has 2W in full load. These are still early benchmarks and don't really tell the whole story, so it's only fair to wait till the Medfield chipset actually joins the bandwagon. 

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