Monday, 26 December 2011

Age Of Defenders Discounted In The Market – Cross Platform, Multiplayer TD Fun For Android Tablets

The tablet-only, Age of Defenders, has been updated in the Android Market with fresh content and a newly reduced $.99 price tag. The sci-fi tower defense game focuses mainly on multiplayer and gives gamers the ability to battle other players, whether they’re on the iPad, Mac, Windows or Linux. How many times can you say that has been featured in an Android game?
Gameplay is pretty much what you’ve come to expect from the genre — defend your base using turrets outfitted with lasers and rocket launchers, from the onslaught of human controlled enemies attempting to bring you down. What’s ironic is Age of Defenders biggest claim to fame — online, cross platform multiplayer — seems to be its biggest drawback with users in the Market giving the title low ratings due to the inability to find other players to battle. Wouldn’t be such a big issue if you could actually play against a computer controlled AI but maybe that will come in a future update.
Here’s the full change log for what’s new in this version directly from the developer’s forum:
Changelog v.0.1.9
- decreased basic income from 20 to 18
- increased income from parez from 6 to 7
- decreased build rate of suicide buggy by 20%
- decreased build rate of other units by 10%
- new Multiplayer map
- new player profile, number of played matches with statistics
- ability to look at other player’s profiles
- displayed the number of players in lobby when hosting a game
- chat moved, so you can chat when hosting a game
- in-game GUI made more intuitive – swipe your units directly to portals
- fixed the text next to upgrade in upgrade center
Known Issues:
- sometimes, no skill point will be awarded
- fixed issues with destroying towers which are being sold
- fixed parez being built again during leveling when being sold
- fixed an error after your connection drops

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