Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Anonymous leaks Syrian President's e-mail password, it's 12345

Syria came under attack from its own government on Saturday and the rest of the world has been drawing up a storm on the Internet and social media, in response. The Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad is currently under a lot of pressure from the rest of the world to step down as President. According to Mashable, in a move to 'weaken' him, hacktivist group, Anonymous leaked hundreds of his office emails. They, however, didn't need to use their usually 'ultra-sophisticated' method of hacking for all the inboxes. All they did was guess the password right, which just happened to be the second weakest password in the world, according to a study performed by SplashData, the worst being "password".
Anonymous hacks again!

The password, according to Israeli publication, Haaretz, was linked to more than one accounts and a total of 78 inboxes of Assad's aides and advisers were hacked. The target was the mail server of the Syrian Ministry of Presidential Affairs. Of the leaked emails, one was a document preparing Assad for an interview with Barbara Walters. Among the many things Assad said in that interview, he stated, "We don't kill our people ... no government in the world kills its people, unless it's led by a crazy person.

In the documents to prepare Assad for the interview, it was advised to Assad to indicate the importance of YouTube and Facebook to "the American mindset" and said to mention "the fact that Facebook and YouTube are open now – especially during the crisis – is important."

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