Saturday, 4 February 2012

Bold 9900 has a design flaw

BlackBerry maker, Research in Motion is having problems again. As reported by a Canadian website called Mobilesyrup, there seems to be a major design flaw with their BlackBerry Bold 9900. An image of a leaked internal  document has showcased that the holster of the phone has a big problem that lets the keypad and the keys fall off.

As reported by the Mobile Indian, according to the report, "RIM has identified a design issue with the holsters supplied with BlackBerry Bold 9900 devices manufactured before November 3, 2011. Due to a folded edge, inside the lip of the holster, keys on the keyboard can be caught and knocked off when inserting the device into the holster at an angle with excessive force."

Another problem
Another problem

The only solace is that devices that have been manufactured after the 3rd of November, 2011, do not have that problem. So, you’re lucky, if you’re one of the late buyers of the phone. This definitely isn't good news for those who had purchased the phone before the said date. Research in Motion is providing an increased warranty of 18 months for the phones with the problem, which we’re not too sure, solves the problem.

Now, that’s definitely a new low for cell phone giant, Research in Motion. Something as serious as a design flaw on an existing device directly impacts three crucial things – existing users, potential users and the internal design team of the company. Besides the internal blame game, it’s the existing users who will be seething with anger, because, despite shelling out big bucks for a device, what they have in hand is seemingly not worth.

This also doesn’t sound that great for those still wanting to place their trust in BlackBerry as a smartphone. What do you guys think - Does a design flaw by Research in Motion, followed by a scattered acknowledgement do any good to their floundering profits and sales? Or, do you think that now that they’ve hit the rock bottom, the only way ahead for BlackBerry is up. Let us know in the comments section below.

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