Monday, 6 February 2012

Is Sony working on a portable device like the Wii U?

Nintendo may have been mocked by many thanks to their casual appeal, but there’s no doubt about the fact that they’re racking in some serious money. Perhaps that’s why Sony and Microsoft decided to jump onto the motion controlled bandwagon with Move and Kinect, respectively.
Is this Sony's next project?
Is this Sony's next project?

Not content with just the Move, it seems Sony had also registered for a device similar to the Wii U back in 2010. According to Venture Beat, this device is capable of performing as a handheld console as well as a controller for another console or device. Here’s the description of this patent, "Methods and systems for using a position of a mobile device with an integrated display as an input to a video game or other presentation are presented. Embodiments include rendering an avatar on a mobile device such that it appears to overlay a competing user in the real world. Using the mobile device’s position, view direction, and the other user’s mobile device position, an avatar (or vehicle, etc.) is depicted at an apparently inertially stabilized location of the other user’s mobile device or body. Some embodiments may estimate the other user’s head and body positions and angles and reflect them in the avatar’s gestures."

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