Monday, 6 February 2012

Samsung Galaxy S III to be an amphibious phone?

Ok, so back in January, we reported the floating rumours about Samsung planning a waterproof Galaxy S III and apparently, even the iPhone would follow suit. That time, it was a company called HZO that was supposed to bring about this wizardry to mobile phones. The latest tip this time comes from a independent phone retailer in the UK who claims the next version will indeed have a water proof coating, only this time it will be from Liquipel.
No more bulky water proof phones!
No more bulky water proof phones!

Liquipel wowed everyone at CES 2012, at their booth when they demoed a HTC Thunderbolt running just fine, even after being submerged in water. What’s even more impressive is when the guy demoing phone just pulls off the battery cover and submerges it once again. Liquipel currently offers this coating technology directly to end-users as well via a main-in program. This is currently in the US only and will cost you anywhere between $60 and $80, per device. It works by coating the innards of the phone or tablet with a near-invisible compound that resists almost any liquid and moisture. The device can still work submerged for several meters under water and for extended periods of time, too. The main idea, however, is to protect the gadget from accidental drops in the water or in the monsoon season. An insider also claimed that the iPhone 5 will also be getting this treatment. While this does seem a bit unlikely given how Apple likes to take their time in releasing new technology, it wouldn’t hurt to have it. 

This is all speculation right now, and we’ll only know for sure once Samsung unveils it and unfortunately, we have to wait a little a longer than MWC, this time, as they’ve decided to unveil it at their own event, later. While that is a bummer, we could take it as a good sign, as a separate event could mean Samsung really has something spectacular in the works (*fingers crossed*). 

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