Saturday, 4 February 2012

Apple iTV may not come this year after all

Rumours of a Siri-enabled Apple HDTV have been riding the Internet waves for a while now and the last we reported about it was that it was expected to be launched by as early as April or May, this year. However, as per a report by Digitimes, industry sources have informed them that chances of Apple launching the iTV, by this year are slim, as Sharp who is believed to be manufacturing the panels for the TV is not ready to ship.
Could this actually be a reality? (Image mock-up)
The wait for the iTV continues (Image mock-up)

The report states, “Apple reportedly has sought to source IGZO panels from Sharp for the production of iTVs as Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics, which unveiled their 55-inch Super OLED and AMOLED TV models, respectively, at CES, both have regarded OLED TVs are their killer products for 2012, and therefore the two Korea-based companies are unlikely to share OLED panel production capacities with Apple.” The report by Digitimes goes on to state that though Sharp are able to produce in 32, 46, and even 55-inch sizes, sources have indicated that the panel manufacturer is unready to start shipping these IGZO panels that are needed for Apple’s production of their iTVs. The report ends by stating, “Yield rates of Sharp's IGZO panels are also a major concern.”

While there is no actual information on this rumoured HDTV, a high ranking source with a major electronics retailer has shared some light on what the television will feature. The source claims to have seen the TV set in person and he said that they employ OLED panels at various sizes ranging up to 42 inches. The source states, “Controls for the television set would be unconventional and unique, according to the retail exec. The TV will follow the Apple tradition of going into power-saving sleep mode more often than actually turning off.”

This television is believed to be controlled using one’s voice as well as having the option of controlling it with an iOS device that can be used as a remote control. Apple executives describe this rumoured television as a ‘hub’ for one’s life and they claim it will replace the PC as the most used device in a consumer’s home.

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