Thursday, 9 February 2012

SICT Mobiles launch the iV 168 feature phone for Rs.1,999

SICT Mobiles has introduced a new dual SIM handset, iV 168. This dual band offering supports both 900 and 1800 GSM bands and comes with a dual language big keypad (English & Hindi). The new offering also comes with a 2.4-inch (6.1 cm) QVGA (320×240 pixels) screen for videos, dual speakers for better sound and 1.3MP camera. The feature is available for a street price of Rs.1999.
A new phone every week!
A new phone every week!

The phone is designed in the typical candybar form factor and looks pretty presentable as well. It’s simple, basic and even has a dedicated FM key. “Our endeavor has been to offer best of the technologies and products to our customers across the country. The all new iV168 with 1500mAh battery is a state of the art offering that helps the user to talk for more than 10hours. In addition, its look and feel, style, color combination and shape suits the needs of our urban customers as well,” commented Anil Kaushik, Co-founder and CEO of IVK Mobile.

The phone plays all major audio formats like MP3, WAV, MIDI, AMR and comes with dual 22 x 35mm and 15 x 24 mm speaker for loud sound.  It also has an in-built audio and video recorder. Video functionality can play all the popular formats like AVI, MP4 and 3GP with 20 fps (Frames per seconds). It can support up to 16GB of external memory via microSD card. The camera can also be used as a webcam for chatting online on a PC. You also get dual-charging support.

Another interesting feature is that unlike other handsets, with this the user can play FM both with and without the headset. In addition, the user also can protect his call history, messages, phonebook and memory card by putting passwords to each of the applications. This Bluetooth-enabled device supports A2DP, so that the users can listen to music on a  Bluetooth headset as well. The phone should be available across the country in your local mobile stores.

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