Monday, 6 February 2012

Nokia dazzles Warsaw with another fancy Lumia 800 launch

Nokia is burning some serious dough, in trying to promote their Lumia series and their next stop after London, was Poland. Their display at London was nothing short of spectacular, especially with Deadmau5 providing the sound track. Despite the biting cold weather, quite a big crowd had gathered outside the Staszic Plaza in Warsaw, the capital of Poland.
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Now invading Poland!

Nokia put on a good show for the attendees with the similar 3D projection light show it did in London. However, it wasn’t as epic as the London event; at least I don’t think so. This marked the official availability of the Lumia 800 in Poland and we can’t help, but feel cheated. Where is our light show, Nokia? India is clearly one of the largest consumers of Nokia devices and it has been so, for years now. Even with Samsung’s and HTC strong presence of Android phones in the market, the masses still love Nokia. They have been doing some promotions for the Lumia series like only recently, they draped a Boeing 737 in Lumia colours and flew a bunch of journalists Mumbai. The inside of the plane also had similar Lumia branding and stickers all over. You’ll notice however, that they aren’t really pimping the Lumia 710 for some reason, which is quite odd given that’s the more affordable handset. 

You can check out the 3D light show launch in Warsaw right here:

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