Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Intel announces 7 new Sandy Bridge CPUs

In an attempt to expand their CPU portfolio of their Sandy Bridge CPUs, Intel today announcedseven new processors to the family, some from the Core i5 series and the rest from their Celeron series. The Core i5 series are all desktop parts, whereas the Celeron chips are for the mobile segment.
Sandy Bridge over Troubled Waters
New arrivals!

The first is the Core i5-2550K, which comes with a small speed bump to 3.4GHz from the previous model, the 2500K. It will feature an unlocked multiplier for easy overclocking and will have four cores and four threads. The max Turbo frequency also gets a small speed bump to 3.8GHz, while everything else like the TDP and cache stay the same. The Core i5 2550K will be priced at $225. The other two Core i5 CPUs, the i5-2450P and the i5-2380P will be the GPU-less variants with lower price tags of $195 and $177, respectively. These are meant for those who wouldn’t bother with the onboard GPU. Having said that, the price difference between the ‘P’ and the normal variants aren’t too big, so instead of losing Intel’s Quick Sync feature, altogether, it makes sense to put in a bit more and buy the standard one, since you never know when you’ll need it in the future. 

Coming to the Celerons, the B815 will be replacing the B810 at the same price and the only thing that has changed is a slight jump in graphics frequency. The B720 will replace the B710 with a slightly higher CPU frequency, while the Celeron 867 is a new Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) offering, which will replace the 857 at the same price. Expect to see these CPUs in the coming weeks.    

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