Saturday, 4 February 2012

Anonymous publishes FBI, Scotland Yard phone call recording

Anonymous, the always action taking hacktivist group, published the recordings of a phone call between the FBI and Scotland Yard, the content of which dealt with plans for dealing with online hacking. The call was illegally recorded and both the British Police and the FBI are investigating into the matter. Anonymous had also made an e-mail public, the content of which was the invitation to the call. In the invitation, one FBI agent had written that the call was in relation to Anonymous as well as other hacking groups, LulzSec, Antisec and other splinter groups. The call was 16 minutes long. One British detective was heard talking about a 15-year old hacker who was "a bit of an idiot" and was doing it for the attention. The British detective also mentioned that they've "cocked things up" in the past and expressed his gratitude for the Americans' help on the matter. Two hackers from Britain, Ryan Cleary and Jake Davis are mentioned clearly in the call, however, names of other hackers that were discussed had been bleeped out. 
The agencies discussed two British hackers by their names, other names were beeped out
The agencies discussed two British hackers by their names, other names were beeped out

An FBI official said that the FBI systems were not hacked into. Furthermore, nothing mentioned in the phone calls were of classified nature. The way the information from the call got out is that the details from the call were sent to officials via e-mail and someone sent it to a non-government address, which is when the information became compromised. The e-mail that was also released by the hackers with the invitation to the call, asked all the participants to use a single code to gain entry to the call. An official who worked in international efforts to investigate into cyber crimes said that the agencies don't always carefully authenticate all the people who dial in to the call. The official wanted to be kept anonymous, because he/she was not authorized to comment on the matter. 

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