Thursday, 9 February 2012

Samsung offering special apps for this Valentine's Day

Samsung plans on playing Cupid this Valentine’s Day and offering romantic apps that will surely help in strengthening the bond of one’s relationship. These apps are not only available for smartphones, but also for smart TVs. The range of apps available on offer are not only limited to couples, but also for those hoping to find their significant other.
Samsung aims to make your Valentine's day special
Samsung aims to make your Valentine's day special

Here is a look at some of the apps Samsung has to offer for this year’s Valentines Day:

Mobile Apps:
Love Meter – This app allows couples to calculate the percentage of their love and this app is based on astrology. The Love Meter app is available for free from the Samsung app store

Desserts – Samsung aims to provide tips on wooing your better half by offering an app that teaches one to make desserts. There are a range of recipes available in this app and one can have a choice of desserts, such as cake, tart or crepes and many more.

Love Lines – There is no way to a woman’s heart than quoting some romantic lines. Choose from personalized message to famous romantic lines. Deepen your bond and express how you feel this Valentine’s Day.

Partner Search on Mobile – With this app, even if you are single on Valentine’s Day, there is no need to feel down and out. Here is an app that lets you search for a prospective partner through you mobile. Web dating has become the new fad where finding a partner is not a task, anymore. All one has to do is put in their details and start the search and quickly connect with someone in your city café, or nearby area. This app is available on Bada-enabled phones and is priced at Rs.50.

Smart TV apps:
Couples stretching – If you and your partner are health freaks, then this is an ideal app as it allows couples to synchronize moves and in the process avail health benefits. Couples Stretching guides you through a fun-filled stretching regime that along with strengthening you muscles, empowers the love bond further, giving you a great head start to a special day.

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