Monday, 6 February 2012

Firefox 11 Beta available for download

Firefox 10 was just recently released and already we have a Beta of their next version. This is not merely a version increase though, as the new build brings with it some very interesting features. . Some of the new changes include the ability to migrate all your bookmarks, history and cookies from Google Chrome. This makes it a lot easier it you’re a regular Chrome user and found yourself stuck earlier.
Finally available for download
New Beta version is out!

The new synchronization feature will now let you sync all your browser add-ons across computers. This saves you the headache of doing this manually, if you work on multiple machines. Also added in v11 Beta is CSS text-size-adjust property as well as an HTML 5 parser. Developers also benefit greatly from the new update. New tools, such as Style Editor for CSS editing is now available to developers. Also, by using Page Inspector 3D View, web developers can visualise a web page in 3D making it easier to work. They’ve added SPDY protocol support for faster loading times in webpages. Finally, a couple of issues that plagued Firefox 10 have been fixed, like better media controls for HTML 5 video and notifications that didn’t seem to work properly with Growl 1.3, or later. 

Remember, since this is still in Beta, small bugs and glitches are to be expected. Some users have reported slower scrolling in the main Gmail window, etc. If you still want to try it out then hit the download link above and give it a go.

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