Wednesday, 21 December 2011

$1.7 Million worth of BlackBerry PlayBooks stolen!

RIM has just suffered a great loss, no wait, a small loss when a truckload of BlackBerry Playbooks worth $1.7 million were stolen. This probably won’t impact the company too much given they the $485m hit they took in sales over unsold tablets earlier this month. A semi-tractor trailer was transporting 22 pallets of the tablets from the Bright Point Distribution center in Plainfield to Ontario Canada.
April 19th, here I come!
April 19th, here I come!

Officer Mike Milbourn stated that the heist took place when the driver pulled over at Pilot Travel Center off State Road 67, in Chesterfield, Indiana for a pitstop. After returning an hour later, he found his truck missing. Oddly, the truck did not have any GPS tracking device onboard which makes it even more difficult to track it down. The police are looking for clues from the surveillance footage from the truck stop and the FBI have also stepped in to crack this.

Obviously, the thieves who stole the truck didn’t know about the contents, else they wouldn’t have bothered. It will be tough to move this kind of quantity around the gray market so the jokes on them really.

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