Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Alan Wake coming to PC in 2012

Remember Alan Wake? No? We don’t really blame you, since the game pretty much sunk without a trace. Alan Wake was a survival horror title from Remedy, the very same developers behind the first Max Payne game. The game started life as a multi-platform title in 2003, but by the time it released, it became an Xbox360 exclusive, annoying many PC gamers in the process.
Been a while Alan
Been a while, Alan

Now it looks like Microsoft is trying to rectify things, albeit two years later by releasing Alan Wake for the PC in 2012. The PC version will also be sold with the all the DLC released till date, namely - The Signal and The Writer. While I did enjoy the game back in the day, there’s no way I’m playing it all over again on the PC just for few high resolution textures.

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