Friday, 16 December 2011

Amazon to create 3,000 jobs in India

The city of Hyderabad will soon be the location of the Indian branch of Amazon, the largest online retail brand, globally, confirmed a report in the Times of India. Now, when a global brand sets itself up, it immediately creates multiple job opportunities around. And, India in general, and Hyderabad in particular, are no exceptions to this rule. The report quotes the Minister for Information Technology Ponnala Lakshmaiah as stating that with Amazon coming in, as many as 3,000 opportunities of employment will be created, which will prove to be a major encouragement to the hopefuls.
Coming soon to India 

The reports states that the newly setup facility in Hyderabad covers an area of roughly 200,000 sq. ft. Reports about the alloted land having run into trouble are also doing rounds, but the minister optimistically added that the issue would be sorted out, soon. Further, the report states that Amazon, as part of its expansion plans over the years will invest as much as Rs.500 crore, which in turn, will mean more vacancies and hence more jobs.

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