Monday, 19 December 2011

Apple's use of emoticons swells patent war with Samsung

Just when we were hoping that the existing war between Apple and Samsung would dissipate, if not get done completely, by the end of this year; there's news about the battle escalating in Germany. A Reuters report confirms that Samsung has freshly accused Apple of infringing on four of its patents pertaining to the use of emoticons, among other things. This only means that Samsung now has an escalated battle with Apple in Germany (the two have been battling it out over infringments pertaining to telecommunications standard technology WCDMA for 3G mobile handsets owned by Samsung). 
Battle rages on

The case now rests with a regional German court in Mannheim, and reportedly a hearing on the same is scheduled for March, next year. According to a quote in the report, a Samsung spokesperson stated, "(Samsung) made four more claims; two are standard-related patents and the other two are utility patents. And a court said it would make these claims separate from the April lawsuit."

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