Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Check Point announces new Anti-Bot Software

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. has announced a new Anti-Bot Software Blade that protects users against bots and APTs (Advance Persistent Threats). Check Point’s new Anti-Bot Software Blade helps customers discover bots and prevent damages by blocking communication between infected hosts and remote operators. The new solution will be integrated into every gateway to provide businesses with multi-layered bot prevention against malware threats, with a traffic performance of over 40 Gbps – ensuring all channels of business communication remain secure.
Check Point get's new software to fight Bots
Check Point get's new software to fight Bots

Bots can create a dramatic increase in malware attacks, resulting in significant brand damage, data loss and financial costs to businesses. Botnets, such as Zeus and Mariposa are infamous forms of malware used to execute cyber criminal activities, such as stealing banking information or executing DoS attacks. While there have been several highly publicized botnets, most attacks are hard to identify and can proliferate silently without an organization’s knowledge. Cyber criminals today are implementing a variety of stealthy techniques to avoid detection – often disabling PC antivirus software to hide their presence or leveraging encryption and alternative protocols to masquerade as legitimate traffic. Bots are also often used as tools in targeted attacks known as Advanced Persistent Threats (APT), such as Stuxnet and Operation Aurora.

Check Point’s new Anti-Bot Software Blade is designed to stop bots in their tracks by leveraging advanced technology that helps businesses discover, remediate and prevent future threats. The solution features Check Point’s Multi-tier ThreatSpect, a detection engine that analyzes traffic on every gateway, identifies millions of outbreak types and discovers bots by correlating multiple risk factors – such as botnet patterns, remote operator hide-outs and attack behaviors. When a bot is identified, customers can quickly analyze their level of risk through intuitive dashboards that highlight bots and their business implications – such as data loss or an increase in fraudulent spam distribution. Check Point’s Anti-Bot solution provides administrators with the information they need to investigate infections with extensive forensic capabilities – helping security teams enforce multi-layered protection and accelerate remediation time.

In addition to Check Point’s advanced discovery technology, the Anti-Bot Software provides Intrusion Prevention, Antivirus & Anti-Malware and URL Filtering. More information is available on their home page.

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