Thursday, 15 December 2011

Diet N Routers

Seeing as most of the new devices are Wi-Fi enabled with DLNA compatibility wireless routers are a great way to share between devices at home or at work or simply hook up to the net without running up your phone bill.  
They come in all shapes and sizes but with just one purpose in mind - to get you connected

What we’ve done is pit a range of eight 150 MB/s wireless N routers against each other, which are intentionally manufactured for small offices and home use. We’ve selected the best options from the list to narrow down your search if you’re in the market for a router. We’ve based the test on the kind of features that each router comes with, build quality and of course overall performance. We’ve even taken into account the warranty and the devices value for money factor so take a look. 

Buffalo Whr-Hp-Gn – Rs. 3,200 - Best performer
The Buffalo High Power N150 was the smartest looking router in the roundup. It is sleek and has a glossy all-white shell. It is equipped with a vertical stand, which can also be removed for a wall-mounting option. Apart from its great looks, this one was the best performer as well. The Buffalo WHR-HP-GN does not feature any USB port for 3G or USB storage support, but offers standard router features such as security, firewall, LAN/WAN options, etc. An addition of a USB port would have brought great value to the product and could be beneficial in small office environments where printer or storage drives could be shared on the local network. The router also features the physical switch for the wireless transmitter to help turn off the wireless transmitter while keeping the router’s physical LAN functional. This helps keep intruders from accessing the network via the wireless mode. 
It outperformed all the rest

Setting up the router is very simple and a setup wizard welcomes you and helps through the complete process of setting up the wireless network. The router can also be configured to be used as an access point and can even be paired with another similar router with a WDS option to create a bridge network for additional signal coverage. This is especially beneficial when you need wireless network coverage in houses with many rooms, large-sized offices or even open outdoor areas.

The router performed flawlessly, with consistent data throughput in all the test zones. This is because it adopts the automatic channel switching feature, which scans for other routers in the vicinity that are operating on a similar or overlapping channel. The router is backed by a two-year warranty and is a good choice for home use or an average sized office where multiple computers are wirelessly networked. The Buffalo High Power’s impressive test results helped it bag the Best Performance title. 

Verdict: If looks and performance area priority, this one is the right choice.
For: Aesthetics, great performance, wireless mode switch.
Against: Transmission power cannot be adjusted, no USB support.
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