Saturday, 17 December 2011

Facebook and Greenpeace to work towards greener data centres

 Facebook will adopt a sitting policy stating preference for access to clean and renewable energy supply. It’s working for clean energy solutions for future data centers and also engaging in talks with its utility providers to increase the supply of clean energy to power Facebook.
Facebook irks users

Greener data centres

Greenpeace had earlier called Facebook an earth day enemy for using electricity generated from burning coal. However, it will now support Facebook’s Open Compute Project (OCP), which aims at greener and efficient data centres. Greepeace will support the Open Compute Project and encourage companies to join the effort and use and share the efficient technology. Greenpeace efforts will include ‘Encouraging utility providers to offer ways for customers to get their utility data, including by joining the partnership with Opower, Facebook, and NRDC.’

Both Greenpeace and Facebook will together engage in adressing the energy choice made by other large energy users and producers and develop new clean energy, rather than recommissioning coal plants or building new coal plants.

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