Thursday, 15 December 2011

Grand Theft Auto III, 3 and GTA III Now Available In The Android Market For $5

Yo, yo yo… Wassup, gangstas! You wont believe what just popped into the Android Market only moments ago! The all new and improved Grand Theft Auto III is now officially available for Android. I’m pretty sure you guys know what this game is about. Extremely mature content, open world gameplay and all exactly as you remember it on your PS2 console. Well, almost. Check out some of the new features:
  • Visually stunning updated graphics, character and vehicle models
  • HD quality resolution
  • Gameplay optimized for touch screen devices
  • Custom controls for the mobile platform
  • Countless hours of gameplay
  • Gamepad Support for select USB controllers
Rockstar Games wants to make sure everyone knows that although the Galaxy Nexus was just released today, future support for the device will be coming soon. So, if you do decide to pick up a Gnex today, you’ll be shooting hookers and stealing cars in no time.
C-pizzle, OUT.

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