Thursday, 15 December 2011

Micromax A75 Superfone Lite takes on the iPhone 4S, with new ads

Most of us in India would have seen Micromax’s ‘i-can-afford-this-Phone’ ads, whether on billboards, on television, or online. First started for the super-affordable Micromax Andro A60, these relatively snarky ads contrast the expensive nature of modern smartphones, most especially, the Apple iPhone.The Micromax ads have now gained a new avatar for the company’s latest budget Android offering – the Micromax A75 Superfone Lite, becoming the “i-can-afford-this-Phone-4sure” ads. Not too bad, poking fun at the iPhone 4S and its extravagant pricing - we’re sufficiently tickled.
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Ever since the Apple iPhone 4S launched in India at its rather unbelievable prices, which list asamongst the highest in the world, we’ve heard from quite a few angry Indians who are nowquite put off by the brand, which never was a value proposition in the first place.
It certainly is interesting to see how Micromax milked the iPhone 4S price furor for what it was worth, and the amount of effort it is putting to place these ads everywhere online, along with other, more product-centric Superfone placements.
Of course, Micromax’s “Nothing like Anything” tagline still makes many of us scoff mockingly, and roll our eyes. What do you think of the new “i-can-afford-this-Phone-4sure” ads? Let us know in the comments section below:

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