Sunday, 18 December 2011

Mozilla Firefox 8.0.1 Final Release Now Out

Firefox 8.0.1
Ever since Mozilla decided to speed up the update roll out process, we have seen new versions in a very short time frame. Mozilla rolled out Firefox 7 in the end of September and decided to roll out the next update sometime during November. And Mozilla Corp has finally started rolling out Mozilla Firefox 8.0.1 to the users around the world. This new version deals with a couple of bugs and doesn’t bring anything spectacular to the table. Nothing major was expected to begin with since this is a minor update. This version however brings Twitter search to Firefox which will now join the likes of Google, Wikipedia, Yahoo, Bing, eBay, Amazon. The interface is still pretty much the same as was expected.
Firefox 8 Twitter
This particular update deals with 2 crash bugs relating to Mac and Windows respectively. Windows users with Firefox running on older versions of Roboform (versions older than 7.6.2) faced crash related issues. Mac OS X users with Java SE6 1.6.0_29 faced similar bugs while running a Java applet. Interestingly, Mozilla has already found 13 new bugs on Firefox 8.0.1 which is said to be fixed with the upcoming update of Firefox (Firefox 9 in mid-December). As usual the update is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. You can either wait to get automatically notified about the update or download it manually from Mozilla. The roll out schedule may differ from region to region so we advise you to download it manually.

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