Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Official sites to get precedence over pirate ones in Google ranking

In a treaty formulated between right holders and search engines, it was asserted that search engine giant, Google would give official sites precedence over pirate ones. An official site is essentially the one possessing a license. According to The Telegraph, several Chatham House round table discussions later, with search engines, hosted by  the culture secretary, Jeremy Hunt, and culture minister Ed Vaizey it was decided that in an automated set-up pirate sites' rankings will be lower, than that of legitimate sites. Although the decision comes sans any legal inclinations, it has been backed by music companies, the Premier League, film and television producers, publishers and other businesses.
Google Raiders
Battling against pirate sites ..

According to the report, "...Google and other search engines, such as Yahoo! and Bing, would stop allowing illegal sites to advertise and would step up their efforts in delisting pirate websites as soon as they are flagged by legitimate rights holders." Additionally, the U.K. government, too seems to be party to the idea, and has stated that if search engines do not sign up for this, it would resort to a new legislation. 

The report reveals that websites need to get themselves a 'recognised scheme' certification to be counted in as an official site, and to be able to advertise on search engines.

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