Monday, 19 December 2011

PS Vita hits Japan, sells well but has teething issues

Sony’s latest handheld, the PlayStation Vita hit Japan last week and so far it seems to be doing rather well for itself. According to Adriasang, this successor to the PlayStation Portable (PSP) sold 321,000 units in the first two days itself. While this is a rather impressive figure, Nintendo’s 3DS did 371,326 units in its first week. Of course you have to consider the fact that the Vita is priced pretty high.
Are you excited about the Vita?
Are you excited about the Vita?

Like any new console launch, the Vita unfortunately has a few teething problems of its own. Australian tech site, Smarthouse is reporting that many users cannot shut down their Vitas after charging it and that the touchscreen is pretty unresponsive, freezing the system in the process. Sony is aware of these problems and has issued a fix but according to Gameinformer, this fix is a most banal process. Instead of allowing users to link their PSN accounts to the Vita and then download the update, the Vita forces them to create a trial account, download the update and then switch over their original PSN account. 

I only hope Sony irons out all these issues by the time the Vita launches in India this February.

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